Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions:
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  • Llamas are clean and intelligent. They make outstanding pets and companions.

  • Llamas are classified as livestock

  • Llamas are quiet, peaceful animals that make soft humming sounds to communicate.

  • Llamas come in a variety of colors, including: white, black, brown, gray, red, and any combination.

  • Llamas are easy to raise, can be handled by anyone and are safe around children and seniors.

  • Llamas are extremely hardy and adaptable to most climates, altitudes and conditions.

  • Llamas get along well with goats, sheep, donkeys, horses, cats, and family dogs.

  • Llamas don't bark, dig, or have fleas.

  • Llamas can be trained to carry a pack and to pull carts. They produce fine fiber for spinning.

  • Llama adults weigh 250 to 450 pounds and may live 20-25 years.

  • Llamas require little space. 1/8 of an acre is fine for a llama and a 4 foot field fence is adequate.

  • Llamas only eat between 4 to 6 pounds of hay per day and require no special diet.

  • Llamas make cleaning the corral an easy task as they "GO" in only a few spots.

  • Llama droppings are practically odorless, are high in nitrogen, and make an excellent soil amendment.
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